What makes you marketable?

Do you know?

Is it your social media savviness?

Your problem-solving?

Your way with numbers?

What is it about you that a company CEO will look at you and say, “I want her/him!”?

I may not know the answer on an individual scale, but I can offer you three ways to make yourself stand out and get that CEO’s attention.

1) Communication skills

It doesn’t matter what you majored in while attending college, whether it be Physical Therapy or Chemistry or History. You must be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas succinctly if you want to stand out.

Don’t ever, for one second, think that your ideas don’t matter just because you’re young and fresh out of college.

On the contrary, many businesses (the right ones) will want your input BECAUSE you are fresh. You have a new viewpoint your older superiors may not have. You are plugged into the younger generation, the generation they want to tap into.

With your help, they’ll succeed.

I get this all the time at my job. My bosses want my input because 1) I’m savvy with technology/social media since I basically taught myself how to use a computer (Thanks, big bro for refusing to help me all those times I was having trouble. Instead you said, “Figure it out.” I was frustrated with you when I was younger but am grateful to you now.) 2) I know what “young people” like because I am young and 3) I know how to communicate those two skills in a way my superiors understand.

The best way to learn how to communicate is to, well, communicate. And the best way to learn is to read (build up that vocabulary!) then write and then speak.

Also, reduce your “filler” words: Uhh, umm, like; and stop tapering off your sentences with a “so…”

2) Willingness to learn

Many college graduates see a position they think they could fill at a great company; but then get discouraged and don’t apply when they see “must have x amount of experience in related field.”

Apply anyway!

Many times recruiters want those with less experience because then they can mold you. It’s easier to teach someone who only has a little bit of knowledge rather than try to break old habits/way of thinking and then teach someone.

Think of your lack of experience as a positive and then your superiors will, too.

If you go into your interview fresh-faced, smart and confident, your potential boss will see, well, your potential.

3) Staying on your toes

Problem-solving, meeting deadlines and being able to whip up that Power Point for the 2 p.m. meeting you were suddenly pulled into are some of the biggest situations you’ll face in the job force.

I can help you with one of those:

Webucator.com is offering Microsoft training for anyone interested. From Microsoft InfoPath to Exchange to Publisher, you can go online, sign up and learn something new.

You can also sign up for a FREE PowerPoint class which is self-paced and serves well for a refresher course or to learn new shortcuts and features during the month of May.

It’s a great technological resource to have and, just think, once you get a handle on some of the programs, you can list them on your resume.

Sign up and make yourself even more remark-etable.


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